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Newborn sessions are special portrait sessions for babies under 2 weeks old. There is a Newborn FAQ at the bottom of the page with lots of information about this type of session.

Newborn Session FAQ





Newborn sessions are taken when a baby is less than 2 weeks old (unless they were premature or have other medical situations).

I typically travel to your home for a newborn session, for your comfort.

A newborn session normally takes much longer than a regular photo session. Plan on an hour and a half, minimum and up to 2.5 hours. (Of course we will end the session if it is too much for the baby.)

If possible, please feed your baby right before the photo session. A full baby equals a sleepy, mellow baby (we hope!)

Please keep your home as warm as possible. A sleepy baby works best, and a warm room helps. I will bring a small space heater as well.

If you are interested, and IF it is very warm outside, we can do outdoor photos.

I will bring blankets and backdrops and some props to your home. If you have any special items you would like in the photos, please have them ready and available.

It is very helpful to have the parent(s) in the session to help with the baby. If you would prefer not to be there, please just let me know. Conversely, too many people present is not beneficial to the session.

In a newborn session, I often gently position the baby because newborns are so pliable. If you don't want this, please just let me know. I will do whatever makes you comfortable—this session should NOT stress you out.

Parents often want shots of the babies naked or nearly-naked to show their new little bodies. If you wish to photograph the baby in only a diaper, please see if you can find a diaper cover, simply because disposable diapers are somewhat unattractive for portraits. Cloth diapers are fine.

If you have clothing for the session, please make sure it does not have loose collars or panels that may pop up and cover their faces, and that it fits the baby well. Save the fancy outfits until the baby is older; newborns look best in simple, snug fitting clothes.

Speaking of naked babies, my blankets are often piddled on (or worse). No worries about that, it happens all the time. I wash all blankets after each session—everything is fresh & clean for your baby. I often get peed on also, I don’t mind.

Think about what type of photo you would like most of all out of a session. I will take those first; sometimes if we save those for later we might take too long and the baby is "done."

Pinterest and google image searches are fun tools to look for poses, but please keep in mind that it will be unlikely we can re-create many of them—it all depends on what we have available for lighting, props, and most especially, what baby is in the mood for. My photography is all about what your baby will tolerate.

Please have handy: burp cloths, diaper pad.

Please feel free to comfort or feed the baby if he/she needs it. I build in extra time for this--it is not a problem and don't feel bad about it.

If you would like a copy of this informational sheet, just let me know, and I can email it to you (

A newborn session fee is $200. Payment is due at the time of the session (Cash, money order of check made out to Carin Barwick. I can also accept Paypal.)

You will receive between 20-30 fully edited digital images, in a mix of color and black & white, and a reprint permission form.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have!